Monday, May 05, 2008

Flooding in New Brunswick Canada. Yesterday we decided to go for a drive to Fredericton (the capital of New Brunswick. I wanted to go find the area where the Acadian Church and Cemetery used to be. Next year is our Bergeron dit Damboise reunion to be held in Wilmot Park weather permitting. We took the Coles Island Road to go, it used to be a shorter road, anyway the photo of the trailers and the canoe, was taken on the Cole's Island Road. I couldn't believe that so much damage was done. The couple in the canoe lived across from the trailer park.
Continuing our drive, we passed through lots of places where the water level was high, I took photos from the car. We finally arrived in Fredericton and found Wilmot Park, and the lieutenant governor's home which is located on the land where the church was. We looked for a placque that was suppose to be there with the names of some of my ancestors but could not find it. But the park is going to be great for our reunion in July 2009, we are including the Godin descendants also. On our way home we decided to take the long way, through Minto, to Hartcourt then home. We stopped for gas and I mentioned the flooding, the store employee told us that down the road the road was closed, it was a ten minutes drive. Off we went, me with my camera and came across the area he was talking about, these are the photos above. The place was called Riverside Corner. Well there was no way anyone could go through there. Then my friend told me it could happen that the water could cause sinkholes , meaning the water would erode under the pavement and cause the road to sink.
We continued driving along the road going towards Minto, we got to another place that the water was covered, this time we could see the yellow road divider below the water.George said, we can make it. Well! I was not too impressed, after him telling me about the sinkholes. I said No Way Hosay!, we turned around and noticed a jeep heading for the crossing, so George turned the car and said we will follow him. Gulp! As we were driving through all you could see was water splashing against my car. Once we crossed George said, you should have taken a photo of us crossing. I replied" Take a photo???? I was holding on for dear life, the photo was the last thing on my mind." grin. They announced on the news that the water was receeding in Fredericton but was making its way down towards Saint John, many had to be evacuated ,some roads were closed.
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