Monday, October 13, 2008

Fall has arrived and yesterday we went for a drive, I wanted to go to Albert County in New Brunswick to see the colors. The weather was beautiful . Driving along the highway it was something so very nice to see. But that was not what I wanted to see, I wanted to go to a place called cooked creek lookout. I had gone there before my husband passed away. Anyway we turned up this road from Riverside Albert and the road was uphill and on each side of the road were these various colors of oranges, yellows and greens. Arriving at the top of the road, it comes to a dead end with hiking trails and paths , we saw many cars and motorcycles already there. There was a platform for the scenic lookup. If you watch the video, you will see how beautiful it is. We also walked along a path, I took a few still photos and with the weather so lovely , the walk was very relaxing. So then we began to get hungry and we decided to go to Alma in Albert County. We stopped at this nice little takeout near the water. The tide was low and there were two fishing boats on the shore. I should have take a photo but I was too hungry to think of photos . grin. So we each bought a hotdog, and they were some good. Then we decided to return home. Anyway I wanted to share this little video with you, I am not a professional photographer as you can see. grin.

Today is Thanksgiving in Canada, the weather is lovely, but the weatherman is calling for overcast and possible showers, I do hope he is wrong. grin.

Well guess I have talked your ears off , so I will say thank you for the lovely visit, do drop by anytime.

Have a great day



Velda said...

WOW it's beautiful! I had no idea NB was so hilly, it's been SO long since I've been there. You're really helping me decide to take another trip!

alineskee said...

It is always nice to come back to where our ancestors were. When I went to Beaubassin to see the digs, it felt good walking there, and when we went to Port Royal and Round Hill where the Legers and Bergerons were. That too was a great feeling.