Thursday, April 24, 2008

The great escape. Yep he tried to escape but there is no way I would let him have the priviledge of doing so. He thought he could fool me , nope no way. Are you wondering who tried this daring escape? WEll, no other but Thunder. Yesterday , company came over, and I did not realize Thunder was nearby, so I casually opened the door to talk to the visitors who were having a smoke outside since I do not allow smoking here. Anyway all of a sudden this yellow fur animal quick as could be, flew by me down our steps, towards the sidewalk , into the busy street and guess who was running with all her might behind him? Aline. Yep, I ran down the steps, into the road, I don't even think I looked, and by that time Thunder was on the other side of the road, oh boy he stopped at a telephone post, now I'm gonna catch him. As I got closer , he spotted me, poof he was gone again, heading for someone's back yard. And me behind him, huffing and puffing to beat the band. Finally a gentleman who was in his yard caught him, and he said to me, its a good think my dog didn't catch him. I think he had a rotweiller. Whew. I picked up Thunder who is a corgi, and carried him back home. I am toooooooooo old for this. grin. But I did not want to see him get killed, our road is so busy ,Thunder is lucky there was no traffic.
Well my packing is coming along not bad, but I have so much stuff, it's unbelievable. My mother was a pack rat, and I think I have taken after her.
We are still having the open house for her next month. I need to get busy and do some inviting for that. I have received to certificates for her sent to my address , one from the New Brunswick governor General and I received one from Ottawa. She is going to be surprised.
I hope you are doing well with your genealogy, and am anxious to get back into mine. I was just telling some members of mine, to post some stories in our chat room in about something special their ancestors did. If you are writing about your ancestors, now is the time to have a chat with your aunts, uncles , grandparents, or older relatives,ask them questions, where did they live? If they had a farm, did they have lots of animals? What did they do to pass the time when they were young? Did they ever leave the country? Did they change their names? All these things are good to know. I have some in my family who did change their surnames, I was telling Mom , one of them married under his new name, had a big family, separated, the kids are under his new name, if ever they want to find out who they are, who their ancestors were, they won't be able to, or will have to do so much digging. I have noted the changes in my personal family tree books. Now my Williams surname for example, my great grandfather was born under Bristol, he married under Williams, can you imagine when I first began searching? Got to the marriage, and then what? His parents were listed, Angus and Anne, finally I found them as Augustin Bristol. So as I said find out for sure about the names, some names were anglisized, LeBlanc to White, Levesque to Bishop, Aucoin to Wedge and so on.
Well I must go pack. thanks again for the visit, do drop in again.
Have a nice day.

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