Saturday, December 06, 2008

Christmas will soon be here, so I imagine you are all very busy at this time . As you know we had a Toy Drive this year, and I am so very pleased at the results. I received a gift card a few days ago and I believe it is the final one, and this year the toys are going to the hospital for the sick children. I phoned the lady in charge of the christmas party to ask her if there is something that they would need for the party and she said well some Christmas music would be nice and some candy canes. So with the twenty five dollars I bought two CDs and some candy canes. The lady who donated the last gift card said she was pleased with what I had done. The music will last for years. On December the 17th will be the party so George and I shall be attending for a while. I am hoping to be able to take a few photos, of course I can take Santa, and I am hoping to take a few of some of the children, we shall see. The parents have to give their ok on this.
Speaking of Christmas, now is the time for you to ask for something regarding genealogy for yourself. Some family tree software? Some census records? Some books on your surnames? If you ask me what I want, I will say " I want it all" grin.
And at christmas time it is a great time to tell your children or grandchildren of your christmases when you were young.
I remember when I was young, we always had a real tree, my Dad used to go cut one and bring it home, it usually was a real big one, and I remember Mom hanging bulbs on it , she had large balls and large bells and she had white icicles . I have one of her icicles as a souvenir . And Mom always made a large pan of donuts, they were so very good. We had a big family so the turkey was a big one or she would cook two of them. The night before christmas we would hang our stockings, and I remember mine was a long brown one. When we awoke we headed for our stocking first, inside we found apples, oranges, nuts , barley toys and ribbon candy, then we opened our gift, we always opened them on Christmas morning, and we did not have a lot of gifts but we loved what we got. My late grandmother always had a gift for us, stockings, mittens, or even hankies and that gift was always something we looked forward to. It doesnt matter what we pay for the gift , it is the thought that matters. So remember, if you cannot afford a big gift, get what you can afford , and know that it comes from your heart, I am sure your love ones will cherish whatever they get.
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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful reminder of what christmas is all about!

By the way, I finally took the time to look where the name "Cormier" fell in my family tree. The closest Cormier relative I have is my great great grandmother was Marguerite Cormier Born Aug 1 1835 in Margaree Nova Scotia and d. 8 Mar 1925 - She married Timothy Arseneau 1842-1920

They had my great grandfather Bazil Antoine Arseneau m. Elizabeth Burke

They had my grandfather Walter Arsenault m. Henrietta Connolly Adair

Who had my father Major James Arsenault and then me :)

I have many other Cormier's in my tree too, but I wanted to share my closest Cormier relative to me. I have several in my tree that are on your site as well, just have to figure where they go exactly.

So, I guess we are cousins somewhere down the line :) Very cool!