Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Well since I last posted I have been a busy lady. I now have a very gorgeous website set up in my new Domain. But I will tell you for me it wasn't an easy task,since I was not very good in html , but I am learning slow but sure.
They say we all have a gardian angel, well I think I have more than one because at the moment there is this angel named Lucie LeBlanc Consentino who must have a lot of patience. She is the one who set up my site for me, she moved my entire site over from my old site to my new home. She gave me ideas regarding my site, she guided me towards softer music, she showed me how to set up a sidebar, well she did the work , I just have to do the fill ins. So Lucie if you are reading this, I thank you from the bottom of my heart , you surely are an angel...(smile).
Now regarding genealogy, I have this cemetery transcribing bug at the moment, it really gets addictive you know. I have transcribed the Saint Paul Cemetery in Kent County New Brunswick, ( I had been wanting to do that cemetery for years but never got around to it and for awhile I lived about a ten minute drive away from the cemetery) Now I live further away and I finally decided now is the time.
I now have another little cemetery in mind to do, and today if the weather permits I am on my way. This Cemetery only began around 1938, and we cannot access the parish records for 1938 up till now, so I believe doing this project would be a great help for others looking for their ancestors.
In closing today I would like to invite you all to view my new website of which I am so proud of . The url is http://www.acadian-roots.com/index.html

enjoy and have a great day.

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