Wednesday, September 06, 2006

To begin today's blog I would like to make a change to my url for my acadian-roots website. Please go to . I hope you do enjoy my site I am trying to add new things. So please check back often.
Today we are having rain, so that will delay me from completing my cemetery transcriptions.
I have started a project in our yahoo acadian group (which you can access though the sidebar on my website if you are reading this through my website). I am asking all the ladies to do their maternal lines to see if any of us branch down to the same ladies. If we had enough with the same lady ancestor and if we had our DNA done, I wonder what the results would show?
I know of a gentleman who is gathering LeBlanc lines interested in having their DNA done through him, which would cost around $110.00, he is very interested in the descendents of Andre LeBlanc son of Daniel, but I believe if you are a descendent of another son of Daniel LeBlanc you would still qualify to have your DNA done through him.
I wonder how many of you out there would be interested in having your DNA done if you could have it done at a low cost..This would have to be an Acadian line. I was chatting with someone one day and they told me that if would be nice to be able to trace back the females. meaning maternal line.
As you know many acadian records were lost or burned along the way, so we are going via censuses a lot of the time. There are lots of possibles and probables in our researching. Now let's say that around 50 of us descend from Jeanne Aucoin as an example, and we all had our DNA done? Wonder what the results would show. I think DNA is a great tool and something we should explore .What do you think?

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