Saturday, September 09, 2006

Today I went for a long drive with some friends. We decided to take some back roads, not knowing exactly where we would end . We saw cows grazing in the fields, saw some Jersey cows and some Holsteins.
I noticed old abandoned farms, and I wondered who would have lived there long ago. If those houses could talk , what a tale they would have to tell. Some of the houses in those back roads were large. So I figured they must have had big families back then.
And churches, we saw beautiful churches, one was a baptist church and it had four steeple on it. What a beautiful building.
Finally we came to this lovely brook that you see in the picture above. I took a few photos of the brook and my friend took the one of me at the brook. From the other angle I saw a little rapid running down. It was so peaceful, you could only hear the sound of the water gently flowing and the little birds chirping in the trees above. What a lovely day it was.
Now a little bit about genealogy and what would be a great idea for some of you. If you are just beginning your genealogy, and you have love ones in nursing homes, and who can remember a little about their youths, two good things could come from a visit from you to an aunt or uncle, or cousin, or grandmother etc one you could make them very happy to have a visit from you , and two you could bring a little notebook with you, start having them tell you stories about their past, ask them " Aunt Jane what was Grampy like? Was he tall? Did he smoke a pipe? Did Grandma tell you stories about when she was little? Can you tell me about them? Were any of your family born in the USA or CANADA? Questions like these can bring you much infomation to pass down to your children, through a book , a diary, CD or however you want to.
I remember when I worked in a nursing home, and there was this little old lady , who seemed so sad, and I noticed she had no visitors at all, and I mean none, so on my break I would drop in to see her, her name was Mrs Osanski and I would just go sit and talk with her, one day I asked her to sing me a song, she sang me a song of her motherland, and from then on I would just enter her room and she would smile and begin singing her same little song....Now had she been my aunt or relation, I would have jotted that song in a book and saved it and tell my children this was a song she always sang for me. I remember one song my grandmother used to sing. One day I went to her home, as I was climbing the stairs, I could smell brownies cooking and I could hear her sing the song "why do treat me as if I were only a friend" So each time I hear that song, I remember my grandmother.
Have a great day.

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