Monday, September 11, 2006

Today I would like to chat about old photos that your parents may have. By looking at photos they can tell you stories about your relatives.

The lady on the left is my great grandmother's sister her name is Marie Williams dit Bristol.She was the daughter of Lucien Bristol and Anne Landry.

Notice her clothes, the long dress, or skirt and blouse, that was the acadian way of dressing back then. I find it very interesting .Now notice the tree, it looks like an apple tree to me. I wonder if this could be a tree planted by my great grandmother Domithilde? Perhaps it was.

My mother told me that her grandmother Domithilde Williams lived next door to Mom's family and she planted an apple orchard all by herself near Saint Paul. But Domithilde never lived to see the orchard bear fruit, she died in 1929.

I decided to go for a drive one day , my mother had told me where they once lived, and would you believe the apple orchard is still there? It is an abandoned apple orchard. But I have seen the orchard that was planted by my great grandmother .What a sight to see.

Do you have old photos? See if there are stories behind that photo, where was it taken? How old were they? Make some kind of scrapbook with the stories to go with the photos.... Another great project for you to do.

Have a great day.

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