Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The nights are getting cooler , this morning we had a white frost. So many things I want to do before the snow flies. One project I want to finish is the Grand Digue Cemetery transcriptions. I live about a half hour drive away from the cemetery, and I have gone twice already. I now have 10 rows done. I am not half done yet.
Walking along the rows of tombstones, I see some sad things, one of the tombstones really touched me, all it said was the family of so and so died in a fire and the year. Another one there were two girls possibly best friends died in an accident. I wonder how some of our ancestors died? Did they die tragically?
A couple that I know very well, had three sons, one went to school with my son.
The one that went to school with my son,got married had a baby girl, and they lived in a trailer, it caught fire due to hot grease on the stove, they all perished, then one year later another one of their sons went to this swimming hole, and one of his friends got in trouble in the currents, he dove in to try and save his friend and he drowned. That family was devastated. I felt so bad for them, although when God calls us , we have to go.They were so young.
A song I hear a lot on the radio is very touching the name of it is If Tomorrow Never Comes.... Listen to the words to it, sure makes a lot of sense. We should maybe treat each day as it were our last and tell our love ones we love them .
Now on a happier note, soon I will be meeting Lucie, I am anxious to meet her, at first we will meet at the Centre d'Etude Acadienne, that is the ideal place to do so , since we both love genealogy. Then we have other plans, and I am hoping we take lots of photos. I shall be seeing Stephen White, I see him most of the times I go do research, he is a very interesting person. He takes time to talk with me or whoever approaches him, he has a tremendous memory. He is working on his second set of Dictionaire Genealogique des Familles Acadiennes , I would encourage all you genealogist and researchers out there to order your set as soon as the order forms are available, I know I plan on getting the set. I have his first 2 volumes and I won't be without them.
Have a great day.

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