Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Looking through a book on Bouctouche I had loaned from the library, I came across the photo on the left of this little gothic church. For the ones of you who know Bouctouche, you should recognize the area, it is towards the Bouctouche Bay or Fond De La Baie in french, on the left you can see the old Bouctouche Convent which today is converted into a museum. Notice the road wasnt paved.

Now the church you see in the photo, was built around the late 1890s, notice the gothic design, I find it was very pretty. It was situated on the former property of Jacques Cormier who married Osite Pothier in 1770. They called this area Pointe a Jacquot (Jacquot Point).I don't know who Jacques passed the land to before the building of the church, I have not searched for that info yet. The church burned in 1921.So they decided to build a new church in the village of Bouctouche, the foundation for the new church was built in 1926. So for the ones who have ancestors born, married or died before 1921 this would be the church where their services were held.

I have a few ancestors who were in the Bouctouche area, so this gives me a sense of knowing a bit more of the past.My late husband's Cormier line came from Bouctouche, his line descends from Jacques Cormier and Osite Pothier.My grandmother's line descends from Amand Cormier brother of Jacques.

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