Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Well today I woke up to a cool morning, and I decided to go to Grand Digue and do more on the cemetery. I left here around 7.45 am. I took the scenic route ,through Cocagne , then to Grand Digue. I drove in the cemetery road, it is just a dirt road, and I stopped my car near the row of stones I had to begin at. The row was from the monument to the back that you see on my webapge at in the cemetery Grand Digue on the sidebar .
I thought that I would have to return quite a few times to finish the cemetery. Well it was cool at when I first started, but the sun came out and it became quite warm. I worked steadily at copying the names on the stones, there were some made out of wood , and the writing was all eroded away. Working my way from one side to the other then from the other side on the next row to where I began, it was going very well. Later on I looked towards the back and I noticed I had but five more rows to do, So I decided that I would finish the cemetery. Arriving at the last stone, I thought to myself, I am finally finished. But looking at the cemetery I noticed that there are about 25 or so stones on a little hill nearby, but I think they are the latest ones that died .
So I shall return at a later time and complete that section, but the biggest part of the cemetery is finished. I shall add it to my webpage in hopes that it may help someone in their research.
Have a great day.

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