Sunday, September 10, 2006

What a lovely day, the sun is shining after a night of rain. It is a sight to behold, since we have had a lot of rain lately and cool nights. Looking out my window I notice the trees changing colors already, the maples are turning red and some other trees are a yellow and orange.
I love to go driving when the fall colors are here. Especially on an old dirt road that all you see along the side of the road are trees of different colors.That is when my digital camera comes in handy. My late husband and I once took a trip on the train from Moncton to Halifax in the fall and the scenery was breathtaking.
If we could look through our ancestors eyes, and see what they saw, I wonder what we would see? Would we see their children playing ? Would we see their garden growing? I am sure we would see a lot of tragedies during their times. My mother told me that when she was young , the neighbors helped each other, they helped build homes, barns, dig wells and much more. It would be nice if that were happening in our generation, but since times have changed that is not always possible is it?
Sometimes I look in old newspapers for articles written about my ancestors, little tidbits, and when I do find something it is very exciting. It gives me more information about them than I already had. I went to a funeral parlor one day and inquired about an obit of my grandfather, they found it, and I copied it, it said he died of Lupus, I did not know that , my mother told me he died of kidney disease, but when I looked up Lupus it is a disease of your organs. Now my nephew has the disease. So it is possible that he has it because of my grandfather having it.
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