Friday, September 08, 2006

Thank you for the approval of my poem , this means that you are reading my blogs, and that encourages me to keep on blogging.
So today I shall talk about old acadian words, that I remember saying and I still do at times. Now Chiac is a form of acadian slang, it is very unique ,it is not perfect french, some of the language is part french , part english. Perhaps it was that way because in New Brunswick, the french and english got along very well, and in order for the french to talk with the english they had to learn a few words.
For example, " J'ai prit le canal et mon car a un flat tyre.J'assaie de haussez le car pour arranger mon tyre.. ( translation) I took the ditch, and my car has a flat tire, I am trying to raise the car to fix my tire.
"Mon pere va m'le bailler quand j'mon va. "My father is gonna give it to me when I get home." Some words we used to say were, Chicanner (scold), mon jeu " my god" guenille "rags" assayer "tried". These sound better when they are being said. It is a shame that lots of these words and saying are being cast aside for the modern french. I speak to some well educated people, who has the paris french for instance and my chiac stands out. To others I may seem odd, but to me that was the way I was brought up.
Where I live we have a golden age club, and every saturday they have a dance and a band, well when I began going there I was hipnotized to the music, it was mostly all acadian music, and there is one paticular song, I forget the name but some of the words were j'ai passer le speed limit , je connait pas ca la metric. " and the entire song was all Chiac.
To end this I want to share with you , since we are talking about language that
when my grandaughter was barely talking, maybe 2 or three? I took her to the pharmacy behind our home, It was a cold day, and I had her bundled up very nice and toasty warm. Walking through the snow towards the pharmacy, I began singing to her :Baby it's cold outside" Then she took over and started
"Baby brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr side......... haha........have a great day.

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