Sunday, September 24, 2006

Hello, today I would like to share an old story with you that I found in the Moniteur Acadian, which is an old french newspaper. First of all I found a little tidbit about my ancestor Narcisse Chase, and it mentioned that the article was in the moniteur, it gave the page and the year.
So while I was at the Centre D'etude meeting Lucie, I browzed through the microfilm, to the date that I had. Well I found it, it was all in french so I am going to translate it for you the best that I can. The date was August 8 1879. (That was a long long time ago). Headline read
Terrible Tornado (Cyclone in french) in Bouctouche. (New Brunswick Canada).
Wednesday around 6 o'clock at night a thick cloud appeared in the south and headed towards the north. A storm was announced but the clouds continued their way and it seemed to pass us except for a rain that lasted only a few hours.Yesterday morning a dispatcher from Bouctouche put all our town in awe.The announcement was that the storm that passed here at six pm had struck there as a tornado.It struck the church, rectory and 80 homes, sweeping the normal harvest at sea, destroying part of the large bridge and killed four people. It was a disaster like nothing we have ever had on our shores. Our correspondents headed for the disaster area and returned with his report.
At Rivere des Hache Joseph LeBlanc =barn destroyed.Aime F Robichaud =barn destroyed.
Ls B Allain= Barn and House lifted and damaged. Anselme Leblanc =barn destroyed, David PH Cormier=house and barn completely destroyed and an abandoned house lifted.
Ls Denis Cormier =barn destroyed and one side of roof destroyed (this abandoned house belonged to MM Bourque. The 7 or 8 buildings of McAuley destroyed.Powell's tannery =crushed.
The new Bouctouche school built last year with desks costing more the $1200. destroyed.
Trees were uprooted. Roofs of the mill blown away.A brand new barn being built, destroyed.
Alexis Roy,his house, two barns and other buildings destroyed along with his equipment.
Jean-Baptiste Marin Girouard=house demolished. Narcisse Chase house totally swept away, All around him is a scene of debris some wood as deep as six feet in the earth.
Ls Meunier =barn destroyed. Simeon Allain =barn lifted and put back , kitchen swept away, house nearly crumbled.Anselme Allain =nice house newly finished last year, his old one and 2 barns completely destroyed.His trees uprooted. Philip Cormier=new house garage and barn destroyed. Meleme Cormier=barn destroyed ,kitchen damaged and part of his house destroyed.
Clement Cormier =barn destroyed. Francois Bastarache-barn and house levelled.
David Hubert Cormier= house and 2 barns completely destroyed.Olivier LeBlanc =barn destroyed.The ones who perished were the wife of Etienne Duplessis who was bedridden was found dead in the rubbles of her home, An indian lady Jeanne wife of Thadee Nicolas crushed by the chimeny Bricks, A child of Alexis Roy age 2 died. The injured were Alexis Roy in grave condition, Mrs Jean Baptiste M Girouard fractured skull, Narcisse Chase carried with the debris of his house received serious concussions along with his wife and two of his daughters.
Anselme Allain sick in bed was rescued from his home with cuts and bruises.A grandaughter of Philippe Cormier burned her foot on the stove.Two daughters of Thomas Ward broken legs.An indian widow of Marin Nicelas fractured skull,broked wrist, several fingers in serious condition,two young indians fractured arms,a child of Nita Girouard died.

Wasn't that terrible? So years ago there were tornadoes, hurricanes and bad storms. For the ones of you who's families mentioned above are your ancestors, save this article. Mention who your ancestors were, I have Narcisse Chase in my line he was my fathers great grandfather, he was married to Marie Martin.....
Have a great day.

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