Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I have decided to do two blogs in the same day. The reason is because I wanted to tell you that Lucie LeBlanc Consentino has taken the plunge, she has begun her own blog, I have just read it and it is very interesting and I am certain she is going to keep us wanting to go back again and again. Her url is So why don't you bookmark her url, and when you read mine , read hers also.
If you read Lucie's blog you must know that we will be meeting in Moncton in a few weeks. I am looking forward to our meeting, and we both will be going to the Centre D'Etude Acadienne to do research that week.
Today I finished transcribing the St.Lawrence O'Toole Cemetery in Irishtown New Brunswick, The parish was founded in 1820 and the latest church has been there since 1870. It was an Irish parish, but now it is for any Catholics, I have transcribed all the acadian names in the cemetery, and I have begun adding them to my website.

On a another note, today I phoned my grandchildren to see how they like their new teacher and how they made out the first day of school. My grandson said Memere it was ok, but my teacher taught me for two months last year, she is not new. Then my grandaughter said to me "Memere I was so nervous the night before that I had one dream and she said I am ok, and my teacher is a boy teacher.
I said I am happy you both had a good day. Then my grandaughter said something to me that really touched my heart..... "Memere I love you"......
Goodnight until next time.........

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