Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Today was a beautiful day, so I went to a park in the city, it is called Centennial Park, it has a little island in the center of a pond. I went on the side of the park where there were lots of trees and picnic tables. I wanted to take a photo among the fall colors. But I think I shall return in a week or so when the fall colors are at their peak. I had a photo of me taken, with a few trees behind me. There were lots of ducks nearby. You could tell they were being fed, since they were not going anywhere, but soon the people will have to stop feeding them so they can fly south.
Now the reason I wanted a photo of me among the fall colors is because I want to have calendars made for Christmas to give as a gift to my family. I have been doing this for many years now. One year I had a calendar made of my grandchildren. Another year I had one made of my mother when she was 18months old.So this may be a idea you might like to try for the holidays? I have friends on line who live in Scotland, and I met them online around 7 years ago. One year I toured the city and took photos of where I lived, and sent them a 12 page calendar, they really enjoyed seeing Canada through my eyes.
Now as for genealogy, I finally finished adding my cemetery of Grande Digue New Brunswick in my website at There are many names listed, and also the names taken from a war memorial monument in the same cemetery.Now that that project is finished, I have to think about what to add next on my site. I know that there are many people coming into my site, and reading about my acadian words, and our recipes, and I am hoping many will come in and share some of their memories about their ancestors on our family memories forum.. I also would like to mention that Lucie LeBlanc Consentino has her own blog, I know she looks at mine and I drop in to read hers, I enjoy her blogs since she is a newbie at blogging and she is doing a super job, her blog is at so I shall end on this note , keep reading our blogs, and a comment now and then would be nice, for both Lucie and I . Have a great day

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