Thursday, September 07, 2006

Memories, what are they? Well to me, they are things that are very important. They are what stories are made of. Long ago , when there were no radios nor televisions nor computers did our ancestors tell stories to their kids?
Well my mother told me that her aunt was a great storyteller, where did she get those stories? Maybe she added some of her memories into her stories. Whatever it was, my mother told me that my father used to go there along with others to listen to my great aunt. This leads me to memories again, my mother told me about her aunt.So these were my mother's memories.
My mother told me how she met my father, and how she was very young, and my father was nine years older. She told me that when they decided to marry, the priest would not marry her because of her age, she was barely 14. Can you imagine? So Mom told me how she would meet my father on a bridge nearby and make plans. They would take a train to Moncton and get married by a justice of the peace, so that day arrived and they did take a trip to Moncton and got married in a baptist church. They were married no matter what. But their marriage lasted a few days only when there was a knock on the door. It was the parish priest, he told my mother to go home, and told my father to go home too.
But my parents were determined to remain married, so the priest wrote to the Bishop asking permission to marry them Catholic, and the Bishop agreed and they were married in the Catholic Church. Mom says she has Two marriage certificat, and Dad would say, she is the only woman I married twice.
Now once my mother is gone, these memories had she not shared with me would be gone with her. My dad has passed away, he could not tell me..
Wouldn't it be nice if we had memories like these passed down by our ancestors? There is nothing I would like better to be able to travel back in time, and see how they lived, see their happy times, I am certain they must have had some good times.I wonder what their favorite foods were? Did they like music?
So to me I honestly believe that sharing your memories with someone is the way to go. If you have no one to share them with, make some kind of diary or book.One day someone will enjoy reading about us.And we will not just be a name and a date, we will have had been living persons who loved, cried, were hurt, laughed and had dreams...... Share your memories you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain in the end.
Have a great day.

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