Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Have you ever seen the TV sitcom the Beverly Hillbillies? Or have
you ever heard the song "come along and listen bout a man name Jed ? Have you seen Granny Clamplett?
Well it is said that we all have a lookalike somewhere. And I believe Granny Clampett has a
lookalike. The lady in the photo above is my great great grandmother Domthilde Williams dit Bristol.I find she does look a lot like Granny Clampett, what do you think? She was born around 1849 (according to the census) daughter of Lucien Bristol and Anne Landry, She married Ferdinand Bergeron D'Ambroise in Cap Pele on February 14 1871
(valentine day). They lived in different places , in Marshalltown NS, in Mattawonkey Maine, and finally settled near Saint Paul NB.
My mother told me that Domithilde lived next door to my mother, and she had lots of flowers around her house, plus her apple orchard, yes she is the one who planted the apple orchard that I told you about earlier. Mom told me that she used to have gooseberries near her farmhouse.
And every time she made preserves she would give some to my grandmother. There was a certain kind of berry that used to only make a small batch of jelly, and she would give a bottle to my grandmother to use as a treat when someone was sick in the family. It was her special remedy. I have in my possession some of Domithilde's old china, they are not in perfect condition, there are cracks here and there but to me they are worth a lot, since the china was used by her way back in the early 1900s. She died in 1929.
I had been trying to find Ferdinand's death, for a long time, would you believe since 1976? Well not too long ago, I finally found it, through the NB Provincial Archives, he died in 1933, my mother told me that after Domithilde died, he had dementia and used to travel among the neighbors with all his possessions, dishes etc. He died in the Shediac Hospice, but I do not know where he is buried, wish I did. Before he died they amputated both legs, wonder if he had diebetes? Hope you liked today's blog. Now I need to concentrate on tonight's dinner with Lucie and others.
Have a great day. Keep the comments coming, it gives me incentive to keep on going .

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