Thursday, September 14, 2006

What could I talk about today? I was going to add my great grandmother's photo today, but I have decided to do it another time , so instead I picked up a book I have here on Saint Marie de Kent in New Brunswick written by Emery LeBlanc. I find it very interesting and I really wanted to see what it would say about a LeBlanc family ,since I am looking for an elusive lady.
Inside the book I came to a story I want to share with you, it is a humorous story.I shall translate it for you since it is all written in french.
Felix LeBlanc father of Jacques Leblanc always worked barefeet when he was out clearing his land. Boots were quite expensive during those days so he would use them as little as possible to make them last as long as he could. So when the weather was nice , he would go barefeet.So each day Felix would go work on his land barefoot. His wife would go with him.One day Felix twisted his foot, the pain was unbearable , he had a hard time to walk. His wife told him, Felix if you are not better tomorrow go to see the doctor in Bouctouche.Next day Felix could hardly walk, so he washed his sore foot as best he could ,he could not rub it since he was in so much pain nor could he scrub it.
Arriving in Bouctouche he showed his foot to Doctor Landry;
I think your problem is your foot is too dirty, said the doctor, I have never seen a foot so dirty.
Listen Doctor replied Felix, I work out clearing my land, and for your information my foot isn't that dirty, I have seen dirtier feet than that and the people walk just the same.
Doctor Landry continued, I am sure there is not another foot as dirty as this foot of yours.
Felix replied Do you want to bet five dollars?
Sure I will bet you five dollars said Doctor Landry.
Felix shows him his other unwashed foot and takes the five dollars .

have a great day.

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