Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I have been a busy lady lately, but that doesn't mean I have forgotten you reader. I have finally met Lucie LeBlanc Consentino.
Yesterday I awoke early and wondered what should I wear? Should I dress up? Or just be me, so I just went as my old self, jeans and a t shirt. Arriving at the center, I saw Mister White talking to a lady (I knew it was Lucie although I had never met her before).
So I went over and Mr White told her who I was. Then others were talking with her and I waited a while before we chatted. What a nice lady she is. I returned to the center today and Lucie arrived shortly after I did. She even took the time from her busy schedule to help me with my website. I had not added certain codes, and she found them.
So tomorrow we are all having dinner together at a restaurant, I told Lucie, I am getting my hair done and intend on taking photos . She said "sure".
While we were at the genealogy center (CEA) another lady was sitting there doing research, I had seen this lady there before , but took no notice of who she was. I found out yesterday that she was Zella Robichaud who has a website online, and I had received permission from her to add one of her census to my website. She too is a nice lady.
I spoke to Mister White, and gave him all the hello's I was asked to pass along to him. I always enjoy talking to Steve, yesterday we talked about when I first began my research, he remembered that it was my son who got me started and he told me I had come a long way, which is true, from 1976 when I first began to now, I sure learned a lot, and found a lot . I said to Steve (Mister White). I love what I do, I love genealogy and never get tired of it. There are always other avenues to look into with genealogy.......
Remember I told you I had transcribed the Grand Digue Cemetery? It is quite a large cemetery, well yesterday I was told that the old cemetery is being transcribed all the ones before 1900. I spoke to a Mister Leger who is in the project, he told me they would be putting the list on a CD. I sure hope I can get a copy of it when they are finished.
I have been given permission to add the Cocagne Cemetery on my website today, so that may be in the near future, if I do, I shall let you know.
A little footnote: I would love to hear from you to let me know if my blogs are interesting enough , if you like them, or if you have something to add on the subjects. Click reply or comments and let's chat.
Have a great day.


Anonymous said...

Hello Aline,
I love reading your blogs and find them very interesting. I love the humor as well in a recent blog that you wrote about Felix.
It sounds like you had a very productive day at the center with meeting Lucie.
I know I speak for myself and I am sure the other members on our site will be anxious to see some pictures of your meeting with Lucie, tomorrow.
Looking forward to reading your next blog.

alineskee said...

Thank you for your comment,I will continue trying to create interesting blogs. I am hoping to take lots of photos tomorrow, will keep you posted.