Thursday, September 28, 2006

Today I will tell you fishy stories (smile). I am certain everyone has some of those.
First of all, I have four brothers, two older than me and two younger ones. My oldest brother used to go fishing at a brook called Champ A Zeke, I remember that brook, I used to go there also as a young girl. One day my oldest brother decided to go fishing with some friends, and my younger brother who is but one year younger than me, decided he wanted to tag along. So off they went to fish, now in those days my brother did not have an up to date fishing pole, so he would throw in his line, wait a sec then pull it out again, to toss it further in the brook.This paticular toss, my young brother moved behind my older brother ,and when my older brother pulled the line back to throw it further , the hook caught my young brother in the ear lobe. No one could remove it, so they all returned to my parent's home with my young brother hooked to a fishing line.Then my parents took him to see the doctor and had the hook removed. Later at school , the teacher gave the students home work to do an essay on what they wanted to. So my brother made his essay and titled it " The biggest fish my brother ever caught".
Now another little story: My late husband used to go fishing in a river which was near a camp. The owner of the camp was a retired trackmaster, and the only way at the time to get to the camp was by Trolley, the trackmaster would pace his crossing according to the train schedule, since they had to cross a thistle,and I remember crossing it, the trees below were so small it seemed. Anyway this special trip, my husband and his friends decided to take their sons along. Now my son had never fished before and he was around ten years old.So they were fishing in the river but my son wasn't catching anything, so one of my husband's friend went behind a bush and took my son's hook out of the water and attached a fish to it. Well now my son had a bite, was he ever excited, so he pulled and he caught the big trout that he thought he really caught.We never told him for a long time what had happened because he was a very proud boy when he got home from his fishing trip.
have a great day

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