Thursday, August 31, 2006

This morning I awoke to a chilly weather, I went to town and had my windshield wipers on, and I saw some ice . A sure sign that the cold weather and snow is not far away. I have been busy with my genealogy, and I have been transcribing the tombstones from a cemetery, there are three sections and I have done one out of three. I shall have to go earlier in the mornings to have a head start on the cemetery and be able to get home before dark. This cemetery has many of my ancestors and relatives in it. The reason I am doing this is so that we have the names of the people buried there before the stones fade away or break, there were many stones already not readable or broken. It is such a shame to see this. To many this may not seem interesting or worth doing but maybe your grandchildren or their children one day may come looking for you in some cemetery. Would you not want them to find you? I know I would want them to find me, then they would probably say oh there is my great great great grandmother,and my great great great grandfather. If my descendents or some of them carry some of my likes and dislikes they will love genealogy as I do.
Have a great day.

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