Sunday, September 17, 2006

I was going to blog yesterday, but instead I decided to take a trip to Cap Pele. I wanted to find certain tombstones in the cemetery. Arriving at the church, the cemetery was not there, so I looked across the street and there it was. What a huge cemetery. I began walking through it, and there were lots of old stones. I found two Williams stones, one was Isaie and one was Madeleine. There were lots of Leger's, LeBlanc,Landrys. I looked for Bristol, never found one.
So then I decided to go to Barachois, found the cemetery, and I walked through it. Looking for Dupuis, never found one .
Next I decided to go back towards Cap Pele and try and find an old church and cemetery in Saint Andre, but I guess there was none.
I did find lots of mosquitos tho, here we are at the end of September and boy talk about mosquitos.
Now I want to try and get back up that way and check out the Shemogue Cemetery. Not sure when I will do that.
So as you can see I am keeping busy with my cemeteries, my website at , my blog, my research.

Lucie arrives tonight, will be meeting her tomorrow.
Have a great day.

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