Monday, May 22, 2006

Yesterday was a great day, just from sheer luck I had contact with an old school classmate, we were in the same class for four years, and he stumbled into my brother's yard to ask directions, and my brother thought he had gone to school with him, and they began chatting and my brother had old photos that he was to share with him, well when my brother mentioned his name to me, I said no he never went to school with you , he went to school with me, my brother gave him my phone number and we have been in contact, what a nice feeling to talk to some of my old classmates, he has sent me some photos I was searching for.And we are invited to his place for an acadian dish his wife is making (poutine rappees),Mmmm I love poutines they are an old acadian dish that I remember my grandmother making, they are made from grated potatoes, mixed with cooked mashed potatoes, shaped in a ball with diced pork in the middle, and boiled, they look like a snowball, but sometimes they are light grey in color, but very very good with sugar or salt. Do not be fooled by their looks They ARE good.
have a great day

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