Friday, May 26, 2006

Just looking through my photo albums, sure brings back good memories, seeing my late husband, my son when he was little, my grandchildren as they were growing , I know maybe some of you do not believe in photos, but I do, it has been handed down from my grandmother, she used to take pictures with an old box camera, she took pictures of her kids from the time they were little, I have a photo of mom taken in 1921 she was only three, I have her at 18mts of age, then my mother inherited photo taking she has photos of us kids since we were babies. I am doing the same, took pictures all my married life, and guess what? My grandaughter loves taking pictures.
The reason I was looking though my album is because my grandson would like me to make him a little book about his dog Fluffy, now Fluffy is 12 years old and she was sick a few weeks ago, and we thought we would have to have her put down but we tried everything and she got better, so I am going to make my grandson a little story of Fluffy, I found some photos of her when she was just a pup.And I am going to tell the story as if I am Fluffy. Something that he will treasure I am sure.
have a great day.

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