Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Well soon it will be time to put in our gardens, yesterday they tilled my garden, the weather was really nice, and it puts us in the mood to think about gardening does it not? My garden is not too far from the house ,so I shall be able to run a long hose to water it. Now we have a contest going on this year, my brother in law has accepted to be in the contest with us, we are going to see who can grow the biggest pumpkin, well I never grew big pumpkins ever, so I started three seeds, one did not take, one is small but one is really really big, I mean the leaves are huge, I hope I will be able to transplant it without losing it, but just in case I am going to start another seed. I am going to build a large hill, cover it with black plastic to keep the soil warm. I will not put the plant in the garden until the middle of June. I also want to plant some herbs, summer savory for one, basil, not sure what else yet.
Our ancestors did not have modern tools like we have today, no tillers, they had horses and oxens, I imagine they worked much harder than we did . And they worked from dust till dawn, which we do not, I expect on running to the garden (fast so the mosquitos don't get me heh heh) watering it, and to the house i go, and as for the weeding I really dread it haha. But what must be done must be done.
My mom told me that her parents used to put in a big garden, and my grandmother used to preserve her crop by salting them down. She would put coarse salt in a barrel, put a layer of string beans, then a layer of salt, then a layer of string beans, mom said it was all salted in a brine. And when my grandmother wanted to cook some stringbeans ,she would boil the beans in three waters or until the salt was gone. She would do the same for a lot of her meats, and fish. I tried salting the string beans a long time ago, boy they were salty haha.
have a great day.

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