Friday, May 12, 2006

Well haven't had time to come and do my blog , made a hill today for my giant pumpkin, and the little black flies were awful, they seem to like the taste of me , haha. So you can be sure I made that hill some fast. But my pumpkin is growing so big in the house I am afraid that when I put it out it will be too big and may not take, so I have started another seed , just in case.
Came across this genealogy joke today, wanted to share it with you.
A gentleman pays a genealogist a lot of money to find his family roots. The researcher discovered this his great grandfather was the first person to be exucuted when the electric chair was installed in sing sing prison. Undaunted, the man had the genealogist record that his great grandfather once occupied the chair of applied electricity at a leading New York institution. haha.
But there is something that I must say , seriously, when you trace your family roots, you do not hide what happened, if some were arsonist, or murderers, or anything , it should not be covered over, because we are who or what we are. Most of us have skeltons in our closets of one sort or another, but remember, the truth is what matters , I want to know about my ancestors, I am here because of them, without them I would not be here. So I write down whatever they did, good or bad...... That is what genealogy is all about , our ancestors and the truth about them.
have a great day.

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