Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Sitting here at my computer , and thinking , what can I add to my blog today? How many are reading this? And I wonder how many know what genealogy is all about? When I first heard the word genealogy, didn't have a clue as to what it was, to me I would have said doing my family tree, or my roots. Do any of you remember the story of Roots, about the african boy who was captured and sold into slavery? And the story continues with his sons and so on? I enjoyed that movie so much not because the boy was a slave but because it was based on some truth. I had begun my genealogy way before that movie, but since that movie aired many have become curious about their own roots. And that is a good thing. I would love to one day walk on the soil of my ancestors, in England and France. When I find some little stories, or tidbits about my ancestors, it is just as if I won the lottery. Sometimes I phone my mom and say , Mom do you know what I found? Did you know your great grandfather sold his land to the church? Did you know that the bell in the steeple was named after him? Do you know he wrote a letter around 1880 and it is in the archives?
On my mother's side there are oodles of information, but on my father's side I cannot find as much (so far), that doesnt mean that I am quitting, it just means I have to dig some more.
I do know that when my dad was young he hopped a train went up to Vancouver from New Brunswick, in those times many used to hop or ride the train to get to where they wanted to go, times were hard so that is how they travelled. My father worked in Vancouver until he had enough money saved and he rode the train (by paying) to come back home.
have a nice day.

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