Thursday, May 04, 2006

Like the song says "it's great to be alive". A few days ago I went to Moncton and on my way home stopped at a park called Mapleton Park, it is a beautiful park, and it was the first time I went in it. There are lots of walking trails, with benches along the way, I crossed a bridge over a little stream, saw a duck looking for fish, it was so quiet, so peaceful, and I never realized that so many people walked that trail, many walked their dogs. I want to go there again, bring a lunch and just sit there for awhile, and I want to take my camera with me, Had I taken my camera I could have taken a picture of the duck that I saw.We have another park called Centennial Park which is a great place to go and take your children, they have a playground, swimming pool, walking trails and a lake filled with ducks, they have peddle boats if you want to go for a ride on the water. I used to go to Centennial Park when I was in my early teens, but at that time it was known as Natural Park, I used to go with some other kids my age, and we used to go there via a certain way, and today I know we were awful stupid, we crossed a place called the 31 tracks, and we would either go under the boxcars or over them, little did we realize that they used to shunt the cars (move them), we could have been seriously hurt. Then we took a path in the woods, (to me at the time it seemed like I walked miles in the woods, but it wasnt that far). Walking through the woods my imagination would go wild, thinking about a handsome prince, or seeing some wild animals that were friendly , or stumbling upon some treasure or coming across a little house in the woods. All these things are nice to remember.
So take a walk through a park, sit on a bench and write down your good things, to share with others as I am doing with you.
Have a great day.

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