Sunday, May 21, 2006

Today is another day, and everyday I am anxious to see if I will have good news or find answers to my brick walls in my family tree. This morning coming down the stairs I noticed my hummingbirds were here, this is a new home , in the country, lots of fresh air and little wild animals. I was told that the hummers were back , so off to the store I went picked up two hummingbird feeders, one is a red apple, the other is the standard feeder. So yesterday I put in the feed , hung them out, and lo and behold I came downstairs and there were these little tiny hummers, flying to and from the feeder, what a lovely site. I would love to be able to take a picture of them , but the zoom on my camera is not good, I will try it and see.
Then I phoned my Mom as I do quite regular, she is 88 and has a great memory, today she told me a story which I have already typed and saved for my grand daughters book that I made her. Today Mom told me that she went to an english school when she was young because her father found it to be too far to go to the french school, which was seven miles away, and my mom, her brother and two cousins were the only french in that one room school. The school had all the grades in the same room.
My grandfather was protective of his children and if others picked on them, he would go to their fathers, he had a saying that everyone was equal, there were no one better than anyone else, if you were english, or if you were french you were both equal, if you were colored, white, native american, chinese,etc you were all equal, (I think my grandfather was a smart man).
He made sure his children were educated, after school it was homework time if they had a problem he would help solve it. So I wrote all this down for my grandaughter, and at the end I closed with the following sentence
So even a long time ago, school was very important, one day you could become
a doctor, a lawyer, a nurse, a teacher or whatever you wanted to be.

have a great day.

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