Saturday, May 27, 2006

Treasures or Thrash, well today I found treasures at the yard sales. you never know what you will find , today I went to a community yard sale. The village set up today as such, and had a list of the ones who participated, the list was free, I picked it up at a garage and this morning I was up bright and early, and on the road before eight am. I picked up a faceless doll that stands in the corner for one dollar, wow expensive huh? then I picked up a wresting belt for my grandson , fifty cents, then I picked up some books 4 for one dollar, a painting for one dollar, a lobster shaped wine bottle holder (liked the lobster), and then I found my treasure, I am into acadian genealogy , been at it since 1976 and lo and behold I saw two acadian related books, just like new, one dollar each, of course I did'nt walk by and leave it for others, grabbed it as fast as I could. You never know what you will find. I have a few items I am searching for, so before yard sale season is over, I will find them. But looking for genealogy books is my first priority.
Have a nice day.

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