Thursday, May 25, 2006

What a nice feeling when you stumble upon something important, especially in genealogy. Today I went for a drive to Saint Paul kent Co. NB. A spurt of the moment thing, I turned into the Saint Paul Church Cemetery, and I noticed a lot of old tombstones at the top of the hill, but I continued to the bottom of the hill, there were two areas with stones, the right side which were newer stones and the left side which had earlier stones. I saw a familiar name, so I got out of the car and walked around. Lo and Behold , there was the stone of my grandmother's sister. And buried all near her were her sons, and one daughter. All in the same general area. Now I am so pleased that I want to go there one day and transcribed all the names off all the stones, it will be a long process but I enjoy it. I keep thinking but doing so, I will stumble upon some information that I do not have. So far I have four transcribed cemeteries in my possession, and three of those I did myself.
If you get bored one day and need something different to do, go to your nearest cemetery with a book and pen, or a camera and take or copy all the names and dates on the stones, then if you are not interested , donate the info to your local genealogy society, you may not know it, but you will be making a lot of people very happy along the way. I do mine because I do know someone will profit with my information.
Have a nice day.

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