Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Today I went to town, the weather was beautiful, saw a rabbit running into the woods, since I have been living here I have seem so many wild rabbits in the nearby field, It is fun watching them. I haven't seen a deer so far, last year the fields were full of them, but there are two dogs here so they could be stopping the deer from coming out of the woods.
Stopped over at my mother's house, I enjoy going there, she is so interesting to listen to, today we talked about who was buried in what cemetery, and when she moved to Moncton the old Elmwood Cemetery was there and it was there during her mother's time. Mom was telling me that it is too bad that we never had a chance to talk with her grandmother, or great aunts about their lives, but Mom told me her grandmother Domithilde planted an apple orchard near Saint Paul, Mom remembers them when the trees were a foot high but her grandmother never lived to see the trees bear fruit, and I have gone along that dirt road and the apple orchard is still there, my great grandmother died in 1929 , my mother was born in 1918 so Mom would have been 8 or 9 years old back then. I wish I had lots of stories about my father, his memory was a lot like mine haha, what I learned about my father, my mother told me. She married him when she was 13 and a half years old, and was brought up into his family of 16 kids, my dad's mother taught my mother how to make bread. My father loved to rock in his rocking chair and sing some little fast tunes, he could play the harmonica and the jews harp, he loved to play cards, and play checkers, he loved his bingo also.I have lots of photos on my mother's side of the family when she was young ,but not many of my father, I have a school picture of him age 13 in grade three taken at the saint mary school in moncton, it is not a clear photo but he was identified in it.
oh something else I want to add, as you know I am trying to talk you into preserving your memories to pass down to your descendents, I have all my report cards from grade one to grade eight and I ordered some school returns of my class years and copied all the names who were in my class those years, our age, days we attended , days we missed , another thing to pass down to others in my family, somewhere along the line there will be some of our descendents or relatives looking for info on us, so I know when I am gone, I left part of me behind.
have a great day

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