Sunday, May 14, 2006

Family Reunions are a must, yesterday we made my mom a surprise birthday party, she was 88 years old, and my family and i wanted a get together with her friends and relatives while she was able to enjoy them, it was pretty well planned, I did the invites, and my brother who lived with Mom makes all occasion cakes, so the plan was that he was making a cake and decorating a hall for a wedding, and my brother doesn't drive so Mom was to drive him up with the cake,now we wanted Mom to be dressed for the occasion so my sister in law phoned mom and told her she was taking Mom out to celebrate her birthday for mom to be ready for nine pm and she would pick Mom up at her house. My grand niece phoned to ask my brother to borrow a camera, she would pick it up at 8pm, so at 730 my brother said ok Mom drive me to deliver the cake first, so Mom left a note on the door for my grand niece saying wait I will be back at 8pm. Now I needed to get the key to the hall from my brother in order to open the door, so I went to Moms, brought her her mothers day card, said I was going to the restaurant and had to hurry.
Once at the hall, I had things to set on the tables, lunch to put in the fridge, and guest to welcome , well I am sure we had around one hundred guest, mostly all relatives, cousins I hadnt seen in quite a while, what a reunion, and Mom was so happy, we took photos, my brother made a special video for all to see, which started with my grandparents, their marriage certificat, then the birth certificate of my mom and photos of her as a little girl , growing up , when she met my father , then her kids , photos of her grandkids, and great grand children, what a beautiful video, my cousins were so excited because there were some of their parents on the video also. I shall be getting a copy of the video, as will my son. It was so nice seeing my mother mingling with the friends and relatives, she may be 88 but that didnt slow her down, she was at every table, talking and laughing.We also took a photo of her and five generations. Mom, my brother, his daughter, her daughter, and her daughter . That is something I wish we had done before my father passed away, but it was too late to do so. In concluding I would just like to say, capture all the memories, photos, stories that you can, enjoy them, save them, someone in the future may enjoy that so much.
have a great day.

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