Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I am still on this memory bit, remembering the past and pleased with what I am doing, I am pleased because I have two grandchildren who are my pride and joy, of couse my son is also my pride and joy, when the grandkids were little I began creating their birthday cards, we used to have create a card, it was a machine that would let you make your greeting cards, so I tried my luck at creating them, so a few days before I would make them I began doing little poems, I will share two of them with you, I have made copies of the poems so that years from now if they tossed out the cards , they will read these and know that their memere did that for them long ago.
Another birthday for Christina Marie
Today she has reached the big age of three
She's cute as a button, and twice as sweet
From the top of her head to the tip of her feet
She's a little sweetheart to her pepere
And a cute honey bunny to her memere
So hugs and kisses we send her way
With lots of love on her special day.

There's someone special
His name is DeeDee
Today is his birthday
He is now three
A little man
He's grown to be
And loved a lot
By papa and me
We hope your party
Will be lots of fun
From the time it starts
Till the time it's done
Happy Birthday DeeDee
Love Memere and Papa.

have a great day

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