Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Well today I would like to talk about my grandchildren, I have two grandchildren and they are my pride and joy but that includes my son too.
My son was sort of a confirmed bachelor like his Dad was, so never did I ever think he would marry and bless us with two little angels, but he did surprise us by marrying the daughter of an old classmate of mine, not knowing that I knew her.
When my daughter in law got pregnant for her first one, my husband had just been diagnosed with the beginning of Alzheimers, so when we were told about becoming grandparents, my husband and I were estatic over the news. When the time came that my daughter in law went in for the baby, my husband, and I, my daughter in law's parents, her sister and brother in law were all waiting in the waiting room , for the good news. This nurse came out of the delivery room and had this little bundle, we asked what it was and she said your son wants to tell you the new, and she continued we have to take HER to the nursery now. So we knew it was a girl, then my son came and made the grand announcement and we all went up to the nursery (all of us). Then we saw her, she was laying on her tummy, and the sweetest little angel you have ever seen. We were so excited, from then on my husband became papa and I became memere, we enjoyed her so much, laughed at all her little actions. Two years later we were blessed with a grandson, and I was so glad because he is the only one to carry my husband's name down, my husband was so proud of him, and of my grandaughter.
My husband started getting worse with his disease and became bed ridden, I took care of him at home, had a hospital bed set up in the living room and the grandkids came to visit. One day my grandaughter was playing on the floor with her toys, we were all sitting on the sofa and chair, my husband lay in the bed facing the wall, and my grandaughter got up (she was four years old) never said a word, walked over to the other side of the bed and touched her papa's hand and said "Me Love You Papa". That was the most touching thing that i ever saw.
I am so grateful that my husband got to see both his grandchildren before he passed away, it is the greatest gift I could have.
have a nice day

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