Friday, May 05, 2006

Can you imagine moving from your friends, relatives, from your native land for the unknown? I wonder how our ancestors felt about doing just that. Some of my ancestors came from France, although at the time the country wasn't very settled, but they came over some hired to come work in the New Land. Some of my ancestors came from England, one was a man by the name of Abraham Chate, he had family in England but he came over the ocean to Canada. He was a stranger in the village where he married a Girouard girl. Did he speak english and she spoke french? I wonder. I would love to go to the homeland of some of my ancestors, to Deptford England, to Amboise France, to La Rochelle etc.
And the expulsion of the Acadians, can you imagine never seeing your parents again, or brothers and sisters? The trip on those ships must have been terrifying, so crowded and going towards the unknown. Can you imagine having to learn how to survive in the strange lands? I read stories about our ancestors and their hardships, could we go through all that today? I don't think we would be strong enough, we are too spoiled I guess .
As a matter of fact, from my mother's time when she was young things have changed so much, she had to cut wood, pile it up, carry water, hunt, i cannot see me doing that now, so the same goes for our kids , when I went to school I had to walk, and there were no school cancellations either, winters were harder than they are now, we had to dress warm and brave the weather, now days if there is light snow, schools are cancelled, kids take buses to and back from school or their parents drive them. Although now it is more dangerous than it was back then, so I guess it is a good thing to know our kids will be safe. I wouldn't want to see my grandchildren have to walk to school, or brave hard weather , nor have hardships, as I imagine our ancestors would say the same thing about us.
have a great day.

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