Monday, November 27, 2006

Well hello everyone,I have not been able to do my blog earlier , I have been back and forth at the hospital, my friend took sick and landed in the hospital, I stayed with him from 4am until 1 pm yesterday then went back today. While he was taking all sorts of xrays and tests I had nothing to do so I decide to compose a little poem, but I ended doing two. So here is one I will share with all my members of my yahoo acadian roots club. Here goes. grin.
I have a room
This is the truth
The name of it
Is Acadian Roots
My member are
One of a kind
Helping others
Time after time
We are one nice
Big family
If you dont believe me
Come and see
I would not trade
Even one of them
Because you see
They are all my friends.

I may add the other one I did in another blog.
On another note, I have finished both parts of the Cap Pele Cemetery so you can go to my website find your ancestor then go to Lucie's site and see the tombstone.
Have a great day

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