Friday, December 01, 2006

Well here we are the first day of December, my how time goes by fast. I told you I would share the little poem I made while I was sitting in a hospital room, now bear in mind that it is not very good but it kept my mind occupied. Are you ready to listen? Ok have your cuppa coffee and here goes.
Once there was an acadian guy
Who thought and thought
And wondered why.
Why did his people have to go
And leave their homes that
They loved so.
To other lands across the sea
Will they return
He'll wait and see.
But now he knows in
two thousand and nine
Their descendents will
meet one more time.

See I told you it was not that good. smile.

On another note, I have finished doing the Haute Aboujagane Cemetery, so if you have ancestors buried there check out my site then go to Lucie's site and find the stone.. I also added the marriages of Adamsville NB on my site.
I am quite busy these past few days , and I am enjoying my new found cousins very much. What very nice folks that they are, I am so lucky to have them in my life.I am hoping that the future will include our meeting in person, maybe next summer.......
Have a great day

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