Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Yes this is the url to my winter blog, i hope you will bookmark it or add it to your favorites and drop in once in a while. I have a feeling that where I am living now will give me a lot of information to share with you regarding my winter.
Changing the subject, I have added a DNA link to my website, in case any of you are interested in DNA . I had never heard about DNA until a famous trial on Television talked about it. Honestly I did not understand one thing about it. All these words they were using were words I did not understand. But since then, I have heard a lot about Genealogy and DNA. And it opens up a whole new world. Through DNA the scientists can trace our ancestors way back. The DNA tests can sometimes tell you if you have other bloodlines such as Native American, Europeen, maybe even Anglo Saxon and so on. As you know in the past, many records of our ancestors were destroyed, either by looting and burning, or the parish churches burning, or court houses destroyed and possibly other reasons. So DNA opens a new door for Genealogy Researching.
My maternal lines goes back to Perrine Bourg born around 1626 married twice , first to Simon Pelletret and then to Rene Landry. I wonder how many of you descend from the same lady?
Something to think about.
Have a great day

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