Saturday, November 25, 2006

Hello , I am so glad you stopped by,especially during this busy season. I hope you all had a very happy thanksgiving day with your love ones. Next comes the christmas season, that is my favorite season. I have always loved christmas, the magic is still there after all these years. But the magic I mean is the feeling I get from giving to others. I honestly don't care if I don't get any gifts but if the time came that I could not give gifts that would hurt. When my late husband was alive, at christmas we would go pick up a gift for a girl of a certain age and a boy of the same age and we would just drop it off to an organization set up to help needy families.We would not leave our name , just give it and walk away. Christmas morning we would have a nice christmas and in our hearts we knew there were two children somewhere receiving our gift. A lady from one of my groups once told me that on christmas eve she goes to her neighbors late at night and sets a gift on the steps, with no name on it, she said that the neighbors still do not know who does it. grin.
On another note, I am keeping quite busy these days, maybe some of my friends think I am forgetting them but not so, I just need to get my work done. I am working on part two of the Cap Pele Cemetery , that is the joint project between Lucie LeBlanc Consentino and myself. It won't be long before I have the second part on my site...
I also need to go get more Ram put on my computer , I will do that Tuesday.I want to make sure I can take my computer with me and take it back home on my way back. smile.
Last night I began doing a bit of gift wrapping and I set up a little tree and a few decorations. My special one is a dancing santa, he sings jingle bell rock, he is wearing suspenders. I had bought that for my Dad the christmas before he passed away so it is special to me because I remember his laughter when he heard it for the first time.
Have a great day

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