Wednesday, November 08, 2006

hello, nice to see you again.If this is your first time,make yourself at home, grab a coffee, tea, I have some soda or even hot chocolate.
I have been busy sorting out photos today. I have received so many new ones, of some of my relatives. It is so nice to put a face to names on paper is it not? I always seem to look for resemblances, does he look like my father,does she look like her grandaughter? As I have mentioned before, now is the time to collect these old photos, do you have kin that is in a senior home? Or a nursing home? Why don't you drop in for a visit? View their albums, ask them questions. And to add a few more words, make sure you have a system to identify your photos, years later some of your descendants won't have to ask "Who is she?".Notice the backgrounds in the photos. Where was the photo taken? Sometimes there are great stories behind a photo. For instance my grandfather Rosimond and Grandmother had a double wedding in 1915. Well they had their wedding photo taken with another couple who married at the same time. I had thought that the couple with them were their witnesses but my brother went to the church and found out who they were.
Regarding my website, I will keep adding new things as I find them. I have a few ideas on what to add next, but you will have to check off and on to see if and what I have done.
I would like to end this blog today by saying ,saturday is rememberance day, so it is time to remember all those men and women who fought and died in the wars, of the ones who fought and returned to their love ones too. They did it all for their country. And to you all the veterans " Thank You and God Bless You."
have a great day

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