Saturday, November 11, 2006

Well, as I told you I made my grand debut in the movie black eyed dog, but don't ask for my autograph before you read this. grin. Last night we went to see the movie, that my brother, my nephew and I were in. It was shown at the crystal palace in Dieppe. So my friend and I sat down, my brother and his friend came in, my brother sat on one side of me, so we could try and identify each other.

The movie began, and we watched for local sites since it was filmed in Miramichi , Moncton and Hillborough.

The story centered around this waitress , and her family and friends, and surrounding it, was a murdererer at large. And Halloween was near so we were suppose to be in the Halloween scene. Of course when that scene came on screen, our eyes were glued to it. Oh this is where we were entering the hall. Nope couldn't see any of us, but of course that shot was a fast shot, now we are into the hall , and here comes the part that I walked behind the actor (yes the shot that my wig got caught in the workers tool belt) haha. Oh yesssssssss there I am walking by, like a shot of lighting, if you would blink your eyes at that moment I would be gone.But you do see me with my long wig . My brother was suppose to be in a shot playing pool but he wasnt there. But the storyline was quite interesting, so if ever that movie comes on DVD, I will pick it up for sure. I enjoyed my evening very much and I wanted to share it with you.... Guess I will have to wait for a bigger part to give you my autograph haha.

Well if you check out my website you will notice I have begun my Margaree marriages, I was going to put a photo of Margaree at the top, but I sort of think the bride and groom are cute and the page is regarding marriages. Hope you all like it.

Have a great day


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