Monday, November 20, 2006

Good morning, it is early here in New Brunswick. Looking out my window I see that we had rain overnight. Yesterday I took a drive to Moncton, because I wanted to go take a photo of the Shediac Road Cemetery. I wanted to put in on my cemetery page in my website, which I have now done.
I took a lot of photos and chose the one I liked best, the one that I chose was of the masoleum and a family plot. Then my friend wanted a photo of his grandparent's tombstone, so I walked over and took it for him but the ground was soaking wet. I would have loved to stop and see my grandparent's stones, but I was not exactly sure where they were and the ground was too wet. So I shall try and make another trip at a later date.
I am still working on my latest cemeteries, I have a large part of Saint Paul in Kent County New Brunswick done ,I am doing them alphabetically so it will be easier for you to search for your ancestors, I am now at the letter R for Saint Paul.
My Shediac Road cemetery has more stones in it but what I am doing for my Shediac Road cemetery is I am adding all the acadian names , and the ones who married acadians, plus I am adding all the names that are in the cemetery,the irish and the english names I am adding mostly only one entry each name, but if you see a surname that you are looking but the person's name is not among my list , it doen't mean that thy are not there because on some of these names there are more than one listed so please contact me and I will do a lookup to see if your ancestors are among the ones I did not add. At the moment I am at the Surnames D in my Shediac Road Cemetery. My Saint Paul Cemetery will be complete, I am not excluding any names that I found.
Now changing the subject, as you know Christmas is getting nearer, I always loved the christmas season, on our way home yesterday I noticed that this paticular house that is decorated each year has put up their outdoor decorations. They usually had something new every year, but they are not totally done yet. I love taking a drive around the holidays to see the decorated homes. I am looking forward to being with my son and his family this christmas day. But on another note I do wish my late husband were here also. He would always make us laugh around christmas time. He was such a good person, a good hearted person, I told my friend yesterday, see that microwave? That was my husband's last christmas gift to me. I remember when my son was little and we used to buy him little battery operated cars and racing cars , train sets, and my husband would set them up for our son then he would play with the toys himself. grin.
Memories are so precious. It would be wonderful that when we leave this earth our memories would stay behind, since that is not possible it is really up to us to share them with our loved ones now. That is why I love my books that I have worked so many years in. Do you think my son would remember his first black eye? Now he will because I have it down in my book, he came home from training in Karate with my brother John who was the instructor, my son was around ten or so, he came home and he had this baseball cap down over his face, I said why do you have your hat on covering your eyes? He slowly took his cap away and voila! a big black eye. Now my grandchildren will read this years from now, and grin.
Have a great day

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