Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Hello and thank you for dropping in again, if you are new to my blogs,please come in make yourself at home. The sun is finally starting to show. We had lots of rain but I would really prefer rain to snow. I love to see snow on christmas eve. I find it adds magic to holidays. Then after the holidays, the snow can go away. grin.
Well I am having such a great time sharing with my new found cousins, I have so much I want them to know.Now my brother who also is into family history,is just as excited, if my cousins send me photos, I send them to my brother. He hasn't got all the photos yet, but we are going to go and have them finished together.
And this gives my mother information too, since my cousins are on her side of the family.
Now many of my mother's family lived in or near Saint Paul in Kent County at one time, that is where my mother told me so many stories of when she was little, that I passed on to my grandaughter, so I have decided to put my Saint Paul Cemetery transcriptions that I did on my website at acadian-roots.com , I am going to try and add some unmarked graves. I began my page last night, hope you like it.

On another note I am going to add this , just in case some descendents, or relatives may be reading this blog. I am looking for photos of the family of Lucien Bristol married to Anne Landry, they had a big family two of whom are Domithilde and Salome, then they had Paul, who had many kids, then Mary,and Betzabee, so if any of you out there have photos of any of these people,please let me know

And if you have descendents of Jacob aka Jake Williams and Osithe Leger who lived in Notre Dame and in Moncton, I would love photos of them, Jake is on my paternal side.

You can contact me by going to my website acadian-roots.com and go to the sidebar.....hope to hear from someone on these photos.

thank you
Have a great day.

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