Thursday, November 09, 2006

Hello , and welcome to my blog. I notice I have a bigger audience than I thought, so that must mean that some of blogs are not bad. smile.
Today it rained most of the day, so I decided to go to the genealogy center. I looked through some parish records that someone had asked me to look at.
Then I wondered what I should add now to my website, I had been asked to add different things, so today I extracted some marriages from the Margaree Nova Scotia parish records. There were lots of LeBlanc, Chiasson, in the records. Next I shall make my webpage and add the names on it. So for you who have ancestors in Margaree Nova Scotia, check to see when I add them.
On another note, I am not sure if I told you this or not, but a year ago, i was an extra in a movie called the black eyed dog. I was in a Halloween scene dressed as a witch. My brother and I were on the set at 730 am, and we stayed until nearly ten pm. I was in three scenes, the first one I was in I was sitting at a bar, and my cue was to walk across the room, which I had to do three times, one time my long wig got caught in a worker's tool belt. grin. Then another scene I was standing outside the hall (which is really our local legion) and talk to a few people while we were waiting to go into the dance. A police runs into the hall at the same time.
And the last scene was inside the hall and I am sitting near the stage and a policeman comes and makes a speech that a murderer is on the loose.
So guess what? Tomorrow the movie is playing in our theatre and I am going to see if there is a glimpse of my brother and I. If I am discovered I will give you my autograph . haha.......I really doubt if I will be seen but you never know. I will let you know in another blog (that is IF I am in the movie.) But it was so much fun when we were all in the hall waiting to be called to do our scene, everyone was having a great time, I knew a lot of the people because they were in my dance class. yes I took dancing lessons, and hope to return next fall. I took jiving which I have always wanted to do, and I took some cha cha but didn't stay . Now I want to go and learn the jive all over again. It is a good work out and it is a place to make friends.
Have a great day

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