Monday, October 30, 2006

Today is a chilly day, this morning it was minus 2 with the wind chill factor. I have a feeling that I shall be telling you a lot of stuff about my winter days in my other winter blog.
I have added all the PEI marriages that I had extracted on my site. I shall be going to the genealogy center soon and look for marriages in Tignish, Egmont Bay and other villages on PEI.So I would suggest you check my website often to see when and what I have added. I added a new link , to the Northern New York American-Canadian genealogical Society. I have spoken via email to a lady who said she has Acadian Roots, and looked at my site, she was impressed, and is adding a link to her site.
I also want to mention that Lucy LeBlanc Consentino is working quite hard on her site also. She is adding information on Restigouche and Carleton, I believe she has finished Restigouche. So check her site often.
If you have any suggestions on what we both can add to our sites to help others, or what you would like to see on our sites regarding genealogy please send us an email. If you go to click on the photo, then on the sidebar you will see how to contact me.
I also have been to the New Brunswick Provincial Archives, they have added new stuff. One that I am impressed with, is Dan Johnson's vital statistics he had taken from various newspapers. He has since passed away, but the Archives have his books. I went and tried it, I looked for a surname first to see if it was listed, and yes there was a listing so I clicked on it, and lo and behold it had the short obit of my great great grandfather (who died in his bed in 1893 at the age of 84).
They also have some cemeteries listed, there are some catholic and some protestant ones. It is worth going to have a look.
Have a great day and Happy Hunting for your Roots.

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