Monday, October 09, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving, I hope you are having a great day. I shall be going to dinner at a friends house today. The weather is so beautiful, the leaves are all in full colors of orange, yellow, reds and greens. Now is the time to take those fall photos. I have ordered my calendars, I picked the best photo from a group of photos I took. Calendars for christmas giving is a great idea. If you have a love one in a nursing home, a photo of yourself and your family on a calendar would certainly be a great gift to hang in their room or set on their bureau don't you agree?
Came across this tidbit in a book I have on Sainte Marie
Jean Baptiste Girouard son of Marin Girouard of Sainte Marie was known for his nervousness.When he was young he decided to go to the USA with his brother Olivier. On the boat he took in Saint John,he slept near the kitchen,and in the morning he heard someone sharpening their knives.They spoke english and Jean-Baptiste could not understand them since he spoke only french,so he imagined that they were going to do away with him. Olivier had a hard time trying to stop him from jumping overboard.His trip to the USA was short lived.
The english had put a scare in him so bad that when election time came and the english would enumerate, Jean Baptiste looked for a hiding place and found the ideal place, in the church steeple where the bell was.Father Ouellet who wanted to help him even made him a bed there.
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