Tuesday, October 10, 2006

What a beautiful day, so how do you think I spent part of my day? Well I decided to go for a drive, but where to? Headed up towards Rexton New Brunswick, from there I decided to go towards Richiboucto Village. It is a lovely drive, the leaves are so gorgeous. I used to work in Richiboucto Village around 20 years ago, so as I was driving along, I noticed that not much had changed in that area. Arriving in the Village , I made my way to the church, and yes behind the beautiful church, guess what was there? Yes , a cemetery. Now there was no way I would walk away and not go into the cemetery. I had taken my book and pen along with me and my camera, just in case . So I began walking through the cemetery, it was a bit chilly but I looked at the stones, and I found the brother of my great grandfather. So I took a photo of his stone. next I took out my book and began jotting some names down. I copied around 150 or more names.I did not even do half the cemetery, but I did about one third of it. I began with the oldest stones, my some of the people died at a young age, 17, 22, 35 etc. I omited the young children, maybe I have a few but not many, in order to do more of the cemetery. Then it was getting chilly so I decided to quit and go home. I also noticed there were lots of Richard's in that cemetery .
I will add these names in my website at http://www.acadian-roots.com as soon as I can get my other projects finished so check out my site often to see when I am going to add the cemetery.
If every I get the chance to go that way again, I will copy more names.
On another note/ I opened my trunk earlier today, looking for something , and I came across a school picture of me when I was in grade 7 and age of 12. Now my grandaughter is in grade 7 and she is 12, so I have decided to give her the photo for christmas for her to keep , but you should see the picture. I have a cardigan sweater , it has a hole in the sleeve, it is buttoned the wrong way, that was very typical of me, I guess I was never a little lady back then, I was rough and tough haha.
Have a great day

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