Thursday, October 05, 2006

What a beautiful day it was yesterday, but we had rain overnight so today it is a big overcast. As you know there is going to be an Acadian World Meeting (Congres Mondial) held in Caraquet New Brunswick Canada in the year 2009. There will be Acadian Descendents coming from all over the world. If you decide to go, you will meet other Cormiers,LeBlanc,Arsenaults,etc. At the moment there are already meetings happening to organize the trips etc. I would suggest in booking your hotels motels camping areas etc about at least one year ahead not to be dissappointed. I am hoping that I can attend, I haven't gone to the others but my heart wanted to be there. While you are in Caraquet you can also see the Acadian Village (Village Acadienne) that is like stepping in the past, seeing how our ancestors lived. There will be lots of talk about the World Meeting in the months and years to come.
Now on another note, I am not sure if I have shared this story with you but here goes.
When my grandaughter was four years old, Barney was a very popular show, and she used to watch it regularly. So her birthday was coming and I decided to play Barney. I went to a party store , rented the Barney costume,including big shoes.
Now this was in the month of June. I got some helium balloons to take to the children that were attending and a special balloon with the number 4 on it.
I remember parking the car on the road , getting dressed near the car (it was a really hot day). So my daughter in law had the kids outside on the veranda. I walked up the pathway to the house, and I remember hearing the kids "Barney , there's Barney" and they were all so happy looking, Now I saw my grandaughter and she was looking at me, with a different look, she ran to her mother who picked her up. I gave everyone their balloons and we all went into the house,. My grandaughter began to cry,(did I ever feel bad) my son said "Honey it's only memere dresssed like Barney. So I slowly slipped out, went to the car and took off my costume, returned to the house. She was playing with the other children, she gets up, walks up to me and said" Memere , why did you pretend to be Barney?"
I replied "Because Memere wanted to make you happy". She replied Me don't want you to be Barney ,Memere ME happy already". I gave her a big hug and said Memere loves you.
This is something I treasure.
Have a great day.

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